Thursday Nov. 15 - Friday Nov. 16, 2018
Nanjing, China

Business Matching, 15 Afternoon and 16 Whole Day, Room B
Nov. 15th Morning, Room A
09:00 am
Opening Speech: Connect the Clean World
Rong Xu, Founder and CEO @ Umore Consulting
09:10 am
Direction of China’s Environmental Industry & Eco-island Planning Since The Introduction Of “Environmental Ten” Policies
Jianzhong Yang, Deputy HOD @ Administrative Committee, SNECO
09:30 am
Sembcorp’s China Strategy in building Global Cleantech Eco-system
Zac Tan, GM @ Nanjing International Water Hub
9:50 am
Is The Winter for China’s Capital Investment Coming
Yong Zhang, Partner @ Qiming Venture, Cleantech
10:10 am
Environmental Opportunities & Challenges in Developing New Town Model
Yachao Wang, CEO @ Zenity Environmental
10:30 am
Coffee and Networking Break
10:50 am
Value Proposition of Enabling Technology and Capital Investment
Jun Liang, CEO @ Bersino Environmental
11:10 am
Overview of Global Solid Waste Projects and Opportunities with China
Amedeo Vaccani, Executive Partner @ A. Vaccani & Partner
11:30 am
Solutions for Global Industrial Park VOCs Emission Regulations & Monitoring
Hua Zhou, Director @Thermo Fisher Scientific China
11:50 am
Development of Global Cleantech & Next-gen Cross-border Innovations
Leo Zhang, Senior Manager @ Cleantech Group
12:10 pm
Lunch Buffet
Nov. 15th Afternoon, Room A
13:30 pm
Product is the King: Special Pollutants Treatment in Water Environment
CSD Environmental, China
13:50 pm
Investment Strategy of Water Treatment Companies from Europe
Pure Terra Ventures, Netherlands
14:10 pm
Why Germany is Leading in Water Technology
Salt & Pepper Consulting, Germany
14:30 pm
Transform Wastewater Plants in hours with MABR: More Capacity, Less Energy & Less Sludge
OxyMem, Ireland
14:50 pm
A New Microbiology Testing Paradigm for Water & Wastewater Management
LuminUltra, Canada
15:10 pm
Water Quality Test based on Macroinvertebrates behavior
15:30 pm
Coffee and Networking Break
15:50 pm
High Flux Nanotechnology Membrane and Product Demonstration
Dais Analytic, USA
16:10 pm
Chemical-free Clean Water from Vacuum Evaporation Based Technology
Hydrofoss, Denmark
16:30 pm
Global Water, Wastewater & Reuse Treatment Solutions
Fluence, USA
16:50 pm
SME R&D Strategy and Development Roadmap in Cleantech
EWTCOI, Singapore
17:10 pm
Industrial Wastewater Treatment System Based On Gas Stripping and MVR
Pioneer, Singapore
18:30 pm
Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony
Nov. 15th Afternoon, Room C
13:30 pm
“Eco-Friendly” Solid Waste Management Strategy
Solid Waste Department of Zenity Environmental, China
13:50 pm
Sustainable and Efficient Bio-based Fungal Process for Handling Large- and Small- scale Industrial Waste
Mycorena, Sweden
14:10 pm
Dry Anaerobic Fermentation of Organic Wastes
Doranova, Finland
14:30 pm
Biomass Gasification Application
MEVA Energy, Sweden
14:50 pm
Overview of Austria Clean Technologies
General Consulate of Austria
15:10 pm
Integrated Municipal Waste Disposal and Treatment
MUT, Austria
15:30 pm
Coffee and Networking Break
15:50 pm
Energy Storage in Port
Cress System, UK
16:10 pm
Reliable Sensors For Harsh Environment
HF Jensen, Danmark
16:30 pm
Energy Efficient Build-in Solar Heat Pump
SoletAer, Sweden
16:50 pm
Industrial Net - Connecting, Monitoring, Controlling and Automating Distributed Industrial Equipment
eze System, Inc., USA & eze System Europe AB, Sweden
17:10 pm
Heat Exchangers Design & Manufacturing
ACTE, Belgium
17:30 pm
Medical Waste Treatment & Biodegradable Bag Materials Recycling
China Belgium Tech Center, Belgium
18:30 pm
Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony
Nov. 15th Afternoon, VIP Room
13:30 pm
China Entry Strategies and Experiences Legal Matters and Structures
Qiyong Cao, Clean Technology Investment Specialist, Asian Development Bank
Fred Chang, Managing Director, Everest Cleantech Advisors
Peter Corne, Managing Partner (Shanghai Office), Dorsey
Chivas Lam, Director, Greenwoods International
Qi Lu, Strategy & Research Partner, Tsing Capital
Leo Zhang, Research Manager, Cleantech Group
Nov. 16th Morning, Room A
9:00 am
Industry Development and International Cooperation Strategy
Soil Remediation Department of Zenity Environmental, China
9:20 am
Practice Sharing of Introducing Oversea Technologies in Soil Remediation
Dadi Benesource, China
9:40 am
Application of Thermal Desorption Technology In Organic Polluted Site Remediation
Eco Environmental, China
10:00 am
Remediation and Control Technology in Polluted Gas Station
Greenment, China
10:20 am
Coffee and Networking Break
10:40 am
Modular System Application in Soil Remediation
Doranova, Finland
11:00 am
Chemical Solution for in-situ Remediation of Petroleum Contaminated Soil and Groundwater
Ivey International, Canada
11:20 am
Leverage the Remediation Power of Electro-Thermal Dynamic Stripping Process (ET-DSP™)
MC2, Canada
11:40 am
Bio Augment Technology in Water Remediation
12:00 pm
Algal Control technology for Securing Safe Water
BGWT, Israel
12:20 pm
Soil & Groundwater Sample Measurement Model
Hanxuan Testing services
12:40 pm
Lunch Buffet
Nov. 16th Afternoon, Room A
13:30 pm
Air Treatment Industry Development in China
VOCers Platform, China
13:50 pm
EnviCat Catalysts for Industrial Exhaust Gas Treatment
Clariant, Switzerland
14:10 pm
AirSENCE™ Air Quality Monitoring
A.U.G Signals,Canada
14:30 pm
Air Purifying Solution for Public & Indoor Space
Airlabs, UK
14:50 pm
Real time detection of Air Contaminants
TERA Environnement, France
15:10 pm
Coffee and Networking Break
15:30 pm
Photolysis Photocatalysis VOCs Treatment & Degradation Model System
HITI, China
15:50 pm
Sharing Of Practices in Industrial Air Emission Treatment
HSJ Environmental, China
16:10 pm
Practice Sharing of China Biggest RTO Project
Tecam, Spain
16:30 pm
Solution Recovery Technology & Odor Control System
DCT, Italy
16:50 pm
End of Event
Nov. 16th Morning, Room C
09:00 am
Innovation & Venturing Trends: Energy, Power, Mobility and Convergence with Digital
Richard Youngman, CEO at Cleantech Group
Qi Lu, Strategy & Research Partner, Tsing Capital
Petr Míkovec, Managing Director, Inven Capita
10:10 am
From Pilots to Platforms – Perspectives from A Cross-Border Player
Wei He, Chief Technology Officer, Earth Capital Asia
10:30 am
Coffee and Networking Break
11:00 am
Cross-Border Innovation: A Case Study of Success
Jos Peeters, Managing Partner, Capricorn Venture Partners
11:30 am
Fueling Mobility of the Future in China: Electrons, Hydrogen, Both or More?
Mark Sun, Head of Marketing – Asia Pacific Precious Metals & Business Development, Anglo American
Gert-Jan Vogelaar, Strategic Marketing Director, Punch Powertrain
12:20 pm
Lunch Buffet
Nov. 16th Afternoon, Room C
13:30 pm
Next-Gen Energy & Mobility in Focus: Digitalization as an Enabler
Xinxin Tian, Director - Corporate Development, Momenta
Charlotte Wang, Founder & CEO, EQuota Energy Technology
14:30 pm
Networking Break
15:00 pm
The Cross-Border Innovation Showcase
Neuron Soundware, Czech Republic
Cloud&Heat, Czech Republic
Exeger, Sweden
RecondOil. Sweden
GridX, China
17:30 pm
End Of Event
Nov. 16th Afternoon, Jiangxin Island
14:00 pm
Visit Singapore-Nanjing Eco-Hitech Island and International Water Hub (IWH)
17:30 pm
End Of Event